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Digital marketing and revenue operations services to help you reach your target customers faster, build meaningful pipeline, and grow your revenue.

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Struggling to jumpstart your marketing & go-to-market efforts? No capacity to launch campaigns or enable sales efforts? Recruiting GTM leadership, but need to make things happen now?

There’s another way. Find a path forward with fractional marketing & go-to-market support services ready to start now. We’ll work together to define your strategy, test it, and refine it.

With new capacity, you’ll be freed up to manage critical parts of your business.

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Hello there, I’m Charles, founder and principal of KimberDigital.

Your fractional marketing & go-to-market partner.

Meet Charles
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“Charles is a results-oriented professional who continuously seeks opportunities to innovate and improve whatever he is working on. I could always count on Charles to bring fresh ideas to the table…”

– Susan Sayers, Chief Development Officer @ Ceres, Inc.

“I found [Charles] to be a great partner, taking advantage of his creative collection and analysis of data to assess market opportunities and risks, so we could deliver better products and services to our customers.”

– Jeff Iasilli, VP of Operations @ Mingle Health

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